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Pilates Instruction in Birmingham AL

We provide individualized 1 on 1, high quality instruction in the Birmingham Alabama area.  It is exciting to work with those that have a desire to learn more about movement and the body.  Our instructor- Sharon Fussell, has certifications as a Scolio-Pilates Practitioner and the Pilates Method Alliance.

Sharon is passionate about helping others and from this her practice and instruction has grown to include specialization in Scoliosis and Pilates, which is in addition to Pilates proper.  Please take the time to explore our home on the web and reach out to us once you are ready to speak about how we can benefit you specifically.

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Learn about our Pilates instructor and owner Sharon Fussell.  Get a view of her amazing mountain studio, learn about her credentials, and start the conversation.

This section of our home on the web is dedicated to Scoliosis and Pilates care and instruction.  Sharon is the only certified Scolio-Pilates practitioner in the Birmingham.

The true benefits of Pilates go far beyond flexibility and the strengthening of the core as they can include improving bone density, injury prevention, and even cardiovascular improvements.

“You will feel better in ten sessions, look better in twenty sessions, and have a completely new body in thirty session.”

~Joseph Pilates

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Do you or someone you know have Scoliosis? Does Your Child Have Scoliosis?

Our specialized Pilates for Scoliosis training is provided for those that have scoliosis and are looking for help.  The sessions and overarching training is individualized and designed to make you successful. We work with you and our success is yours.

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Pilates Client Emily

When Sharon Fussell invited me to practice Pilates, I didn’t know her very well and didn’t know Pilates at all.  Five years on, that’s all changed.  I have seen what a committed teacher Sharon is, and how she has dedicated herself to the study and practice of Pilates.  I have learned so much about the physiology of the human body — the bones, the muscles, the fascia.  I have gained an appreciation for my own body’s abilities, and how much stronger practicing Pilates has made me.  And it feels so good!

Emily Campbell

Current Pilates Client

About You- The Ideal Client

Walking the Path.  That’s the idea that comes to mind when we think of an ideal client. We look for someone that will walk the pathway.

Our ideal client is someone that has a heart to learn and grow. Preferably, someone in the Birmingham, Alabama area as this is the location of our Studio.  Most of us are looking for a studio or “Pilates instructor Near me”.  We also seek clients that are excited, motivated, and committed to walking through the process.

We believe that we are all still learning and working with others helps both parties out . We would love the opportunity to speak with you and find out if we would be a good fit to work together. There is really only one way to find out.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can earn your trust and serve you.

Path to Freedom

The Pilates Studio in Birminham

There are some of us that enjoy walking into unknown situations and then there are others that … well would rather not.  If you fall in to the later then this section is just for you. Check out our Pilates Studio.

About Us

Pilates in Birmingham is owned and operated by Sharon Fussell.  A private Pilates instruction and education studio in the Birmingham, AL area.  We cater to individuals that desire a deeper and individualized practice.  We provide both Pilates itself and a specialized form of Pilates for those suffering from Scoliosis.  Further, we are the only certified Scolio-Pilates provider within several states (TN,GA,AL,KY,MS).  Our 1 on 1 approach, attention to detail, and understanding nature create an environment of growth.


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