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Certified Pilates Instructor, Sharon Fussell

Sharon lives and practices Pilates in Birmingham, AL. She is an experienced educator and holds a Master degree in Education. She fell in love with Pilates through a teacher and friend in her area. After completing her Comprehensive Pilates Training through Balanced Body in 2009, with Erin Myers in Nashville, TN, she then spent 2 years student teaching to thoroughly explore her love for Pilates instruction. 

After teaching private clients for sometime in her private home studio she completed the Pilates Method Alliance certification in 2013. Further, she has continued to teach in her fully equipped home Pilates studio. Her favorite pieces of Pilates equipment are the Reformer, Cadillac, and Chair

She is passionate about helping people be their best selves and loves working specifically with Scoliosis clients, for this reason she took the Scolio-Pilates Intensive in 2017 and decided to complete the Case Study and Mentorship in 2018. She is always pursuing continuing education and how to keep her clients moving.  Sharon is an authorized Scolio-Pilates Practitioner.

Pilates Instructor, Sharon Fussell
Joseph Pilates

“Through the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning this unique trinity of a balanced body, mind and spirit can ever be attained. Self-confidence follows.”
-Joseph Pilates

Sharon Fussell Pilates in Birmingham in the News

"Always someone coming and going from Sharon Fussell's Lookout Mountain home, whether that be one of the Pilates instructor's clients coming for a workout in her home studio, or a Covenant College student heading to class while staying in one of her spare rooms for the semester."

In the August 2018 Article titled, Fussell Offers New Hope for those with Scoliosis, "Corrective exercise, specifically Scolio-Pilates, has been proven to help those with Scoliosis improve their quality of life. However, instruction certification does not come easy for this highly specialized program...Sharon Fussell teacher and owner/operator of Pilates on the Mountain, is the only instructor who holds the Scolio-Pilates certification in Tennessee."

About Us

Pilates in Birmingham is owned and operated by Sharon Fussell.  A private Pilates instruction and education studio in the Birmingham, AL area.  We cater to individuals that desire a deeper and individualized practice.  We provide both Pilates itself and a specialized form of Pilates for those suffering from Scoliosis.  Further, we are the only certified Scolio-Pilates provider within several states (TN,GA,AL,KY,MS).  Our 1 on 1 approach, attention to detail, and understanding nature create an environment of growth.


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