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Pilates in Birmingham, AL Studio Photos

Please enjoy some pictures of our previous studio on the Mountain in Chattanooga, TN.  Enjoy the view and take some time to visualize yourself working with us in the near future.  Why not reach out and discuss the opportunity to start a new journey?

Once we are fully opened we will update our pictures to those in Birmingham AL

Still considering things?

Why not learn more about our Pilates sessions?  Or if you found yourself here due to our practice as it relates Scoliosis and Pilates learn more about what we offer there.

You can also read more about our instructor, Sharon Fussell

The goal is to get to know one another and move into a place where we are confident that working together is a good fit.  

However, sometimes it takes a session or two together to figure this out.  Words on the internet only convey so much! If this is the case reach out to me now by our contact page.

About Us

Pilates in Birmingham is owned and operated by Sharon Fussell.  A private Pilates instruction and education studio in the Birmingham, AL area.  We cater to individuals that desire a deeper and individualized practice.  We provide both Pilates itself and a specialized form of Pilates for those suffering from Scoliosis.  Further, we are the only certified Scolio-Pilates provider within several states (TN,GA,AL,KY,MS).  Our 1 on 1 approach, attention to detail, and understanding nature create an environment of growth.


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