Scoliosis and Pilates in Birmingham AL


What do we do?

Similar to our Pilates sessions the Scoliosis focused Pilates is all about improving posture, strengthening the core, and stabilizing the body in order to reduce rotation from Scoliosis. Simply put Scoliosis Pilates is intended for those with Scoliosis.  

You can learn more about Scoliosis here.

During our sessions steps will be used to slowly correct alignment and other issues that arise from Scoliosis.

As previously mentioned, the goal of these sessions is to correct implement exercises that will correct rotation and through strengthening the core. However, our time together is always customized to you as an individual since the sessions are private and one on one.

“When you study Scolio-Pilates®, you come out knowing what scoliosis is and how its curves manifest. And, you’ve been offered a systematic approach to working toward corrected alignment through creatively supported Pilates exercises.”
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What makes us different?

The single most important point that sets us apart from the crowd is that I am the ONLY Scolio-Pilates certified Pilates practitioner in Birmingham, and in the state of Alabama. Further, you will not find one in Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi or Kentucky. This makes me one of a kind in the area of Scoliosis and Pilates care around here.

Further, we only provide individualized and highly customized 1 on 1 sessions.  We believe these two items: our certification and our individualized approach as a Pilates instructor sets us apart.

Session Price

As noted elsewhere, Pilates in Birmingham believes in being upfront about our pricing.  Therefore, we offer Scolio-Pilates instruction, from a certified and educated instructor, for only 65 dollars per session.  

Scoliosis and Pilates
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About Us

Pilates in Birmingham is owned and operated by Sharon Fussell.  A private Pilates instruction and education studio in the Birmingham, AL area.  We cater to individuals that desire a deeper and individualized practice.  We provide both Pilates itself and a specialized form of Pilates for those suffering from Scoliosis.  Further, we are the only certified Scolio-Pilates provider within several states (TN,GA,AL,KY,MS).  Our 1 on 1 approach, attention to detail, and understanding nature create an environment of growth.


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